Your Competitive Edge to Your Future

Competitive Edge is an athletic ACT combine for high school student-athletes to prepare them to take the ACT and SAT so that prospective students can continue pursuing their dreams.

Study Hard,
Dream Big

This program was designed to help improve test scores in student athletes so that they can get into college.  Partnered with a national fundraising company, students will have the opportunity to either pay the full amount or to fundraise their fee through social media fundraising.

Helping Student Athletes Succeed

Competitive Edge targets student athletes as a specific niche to help differentiate themselves from other test prep companies. It was created to help student athletes pursuing their dreams of playing college level athletics or to just get into college because of the necessity that a bachelor’s degree has in finding employment or having an enjoyable life after school. It gives students a competitive edge to their future.

Certified Educators & Professionals

We bring in and hire credible teachers and educators from each respective state and we bring in student athletes to a two day, 12-hour athletic ACT combine where we get to learn more about the benefits of doing well on these tests, tips and tricks on how to complete these tests more efficiently, and the students get to attend these with their friends and classmates, not with complete strangers.

This is the Future

Throughout the combine, we want to make sure that you have what you need to be successful on your ACT or SAT.

Take part in a 12-hour study session where you will learn tips and tricks on how to take the tests more efficiently and effectively.
Participate in the 2-day session with your friends and classmates, not with strangers.
Work with certified teachers and educators that will allow you to grow to your potential.
Receive all study materials, workbooks practice tests needed to succeed on the ACT or SAT.
Enjoy free lunches provided for both days.
Receive a T-shirt for participating.

There Is
No Finish Line.

Register for the next ACT session and create a competitive edge for your future.